HI I’m Bethany Sawyer

Musician | Mathematician | Author | Actuary | Akashic Record Reader | Filmmaker | Songwriter | Boss | Martial Artist | Leader | Teacher | Mentor | Entrepreneur

At one or more moments in my life, all of these words have described me. As you may have guessed, I'm one of those people with a variety of interests, who's equally left and right brained. Analytical and creative. Which means I have something to relate to with nearly everyone I meet.

Now, as a coach, my goal is to help my clients not only with their tangible, visible goals, but to guide them through the transitions and transformations to make inner changes that support long term success. With a background in management, personal (& personnel) development, and a natural sense of curiosity & intuition, my coaching style is a great fit for anyone with short or long term goals who's also interested in how achieving those goals changes their sense of self.


  • 1984 Student art displayed at Panoply
  • 1986 Grand Prize, Barnum & Bailey Coloring Contest
  • 1992 Performed in Carnegie Hall w/Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Huntsville
  • 1996 National Merit Scholar
  • 1999 Barry M Goldwater Scholar
  • 2003 Black Belt, Hwang's Martial Arts Academy
  • 2005 Fellow, Society of Actuaries
  • 2006 Advanced Toastmaster's - Bronze
  • 2007 Graduate, Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program
  • 2011 Winner, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest
  • 2016 Reiki Practitioner
  • 2017 Official Honoree, Webby Awards (for Paranormal Shopping Network)
  • 2018 Akashic Record Reader
  • 2019 Certified Life Coach
Beth Sawyer