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Everyone has a unique perspective and vision for their life. Learn how to align your life with your higher purpose, and reap the rewards!

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Small, virtual classes designed to further your personal growth. Upcoming classes include Defining Your Life Purpose, Unlocking Your Creative Potential, & Leadership Fundamentals.


Individualized sessions with me, Beth Sawyer, a Certified Life Coach, Akashic Record Reader, and Leadership Mentor. Coaching and mentoring sessions are goal-oriented; clients typically walk away with 2-3 simple but effective action items customized to their personal situation.

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Beth Sawyer

HI I’m Beth Sawyer

I help high achievers who feel confused or overwhelmed reconnect with their inner purpose. My goal-oriented approach to coaching helps my clients stay focused on the objectives that are most important to them.

With over 15 years of leadership experience, specializing in teamwork and employee development, I'm uniquely qualified to help emerging leaders, creative entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for a more fulfilling life.








Life Purpose Class

Defining Your Life Purpose

Looking for life with a deeper meaning? This class includes self-exploration exercises, prioritization techniques, and goal-setting assignments that help you reconnect with your inner voice and life purpose. A pdf workbook gives you space to brainstorm, record, and refer back to.

Creative Potential

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Have a creative interest that you've been wanting to try and not sure how to get started? This class will guide you through the who, what, when, where, why and how of finding your creative voice, and how to share it with your ideal audience.

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals

Many of us find ourselves in leadership roles at one point or another. This class explores fundamental techniques of leadership, such as team building, delegation, and time management. Students also receive a book list and recommended reading for each of these subject areas.

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